Learn How to Communicate, Deepen Emotional & Sexual Intimacy  & Grow Into Long Lasting Thriving Love


No relationship is perfect. Building, maintaining and sustaining a rewarding relationship can be intimidating, as long as you don’t possess the skills; the Skills needed to assist you in working through day-to-day life stresses that happen in every relationship.

But...What if you could have every tool and technique
you’ll EVER need – right at your fingertips –
that will ensure your relationship Lasts a Lifetime?

I strongly believe that if couples are not growing together, they grow apart slowly, overtime. This has been my mantra as a couples therapist and because it's the Truth, with a capital T. Research shows that couples that grow together and work to maintain thier connection overtime are consistantly happier.

So, what if I were to tell you that there are proven strategies and techniques, that are backed by 65 years of qualitative and quantitative research, that my private clients use to communicate, repair and maintain intimacy in their relationship, even during conflict with each other…

And what if I were to tell you that these foundation building strategies, techniques and mindset shifts that I teach my private clients, would increase intimacy, deepen connection and appreciation in your relationship…

…and that without these key foundational communication and emotional intimacy shifts you will most likely have a difficult time lowering defensiveness and successfully managing emotional triggers with your significant other, especially during those "ughh" moments of conflict or disagreement. 

Why Do I Say, Most Couples Will Likely Have Difficulty? 

Because I have spent close to 10,000 hours working with couples over the past 11 years and all of them (your normal every day couple with full families, full lives, professional/entrepreuneurial lifestyles, & usually 6 figure or more income earners) came in with the same top 3 complaints which are:

1. "We don't know how to communicate with each other. We just keep escalating the frustration OR we don't talk about things &  we just sweep them under the rug for later, but usually "there is no later." We just avoid the conflict or we escalate. There is usually no in between which makes us feel anxious or insecurely connected at times, which brings up other issues like trust and belief in one another. I also don't feel heard and it just seems like we go round and round the same type of silly arguments. I just want to learn how to communicate effectively, so that life with each other is easier and has more flow. "

TIP: Communication Mastery helps my couples immensely as they learn to navigate emotional triggers & repair successfully, while maintaining the intimate connection, which is key.

2. "I just don't feel appreciated, valued, prioritized, and or acknowledged. I want to feel verbally acknowledged, more consistently. It just seems like it's pulling teeth to get them to make me their number 1. Everything else takes priority because we have such busy lives. I am just tired of the rollercoaster and never really feeling appreciated or acknowledged for my efforts. This makes me feel frustrated and often times, alone and maybe even isolated. I want to truly work together as a team."

TIP: Research shows that happy couples are 5x more positively acknowledging.  I equip my couples with daily, weekly, and monthly emotional intimacy rituals/habits that create a more secure container for their relatinship to continue to grow, especially when it comes to working as a team and feeling more appreciated. 

3. "We are having trouble with feeling emotionally connected.  Sometimes that bleeds into how often as well as the quality of our sex life. My partner doesn't share their feelings openly with me and they are not that great with communicating their needs, wants, or desires. If they do, it comes across like an attack, judgement, or criticism and I'm so tried of it. I want to open up emotionally but there is a block. It feels empty at times and I'm not sure where to go with it. I feel unsafe to be vulnerable or maybe I just don't know where to start when I share my emotions.."

TIP: Most couples have some type of emotional intimacy or sexual block going on subconsciously in their relationship. I assist my couples in mindset shifts so that they can break free from older multi-generational subconscious programming and start feeling more expressed in this area of their lives.  Sometimes, a "small" change in mindset makes a "big" difference in the flow of your everyday love.

It's Time To Get Solution Focused:

What if I told you that I could teach you these strategies and it would significantly change your ability to communicate successfully with your partner and deepen the emotional  & sexual intimacy at the same time?

Before I tell you what these key foundational building elements are, and how it works, I'd like to share my reason for creating my program with you below…

Over the past decade in private practice, I have seen many of the same communication patterns show up for couples over and again. The lack of emotion centered communication in our relationships is a cultural and systemic issue seated in the belief that vulnerability is a weakness. Unfortunately, when it comes to maintaining intimacy and connection in a romantic relationship, the underpinning societal definition of vulnerability being a weakness couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, research has shown that vulnerability is the key to emotional intimacy and deep genuine connection.

This thought process paired with making an adjustment in “how” you communicate as a couple can quite literally preserve your relationship from present or future dissolution, which will ultimately set you both up for success as you grow into a more evolved and conscious partnership. 

The saddest moment for me as a clinician is when couples come to my office with so much contempt and resentment for their partner, simply because they didn't have the right tools to communicate, promote growth, and repair from disagreements in their relationship from the beginning.  I know it ALL could have been PREVENTED  & I am delighted to share that with my program many couples have recovered from relationship dissolution and in many other cases couples have used our program to up-level their already great relationship or for pre-marital education. 

Relationship Maintenance Is Key:

My client's and I have collaboratively established a 93% success rate, which is amazing considering the divorce rate is still 54%. The biggest truth to all of this is that there is not one couple out there, that wouldn't benefit greatly from my program because it underscores all the important foundation building components needed for every couple's day to day life. I have spent many years and thousands of hours synthesizing the research and I have figured out what works and what doesn't work for my private  clients. Now, I am taking all of that knowledge online worldwide. The creation of my online programs have evolved from my clinical experience and proper due diligence; what I teach is proven to work. All it takes is a couple that is willing to commit to each other, dig in deep, and really explore the depths of their love. 

"Just like my husband and I" and the thousands of couples I have had the honor of working with over the years, these strategies, techniques, and mindset shifts need to be LEARNED.

Our families, our society at large, even books... don't teach what this program offers because it is unfortunately not mainstream knowledge. Our goal is to change that with the creation of our online program offerings, which will literally take your struggling, good, or even great relationship to a Renewed and or Restored passionate connection:

90 Days to RenewRestore, & Revolutionize Your Relationship: Learn How to Communicate,

Deepen Emotional & Sexual Intimacy,  Grow Into Long Lasting Thriving Love

Check Ouy My Google Testimonials & Reviews

Imagine What It would Feel Like If ...

... you could absolutely acquire the knowledge of how to handle those "bumps in the road;" and instead transform them into huge opportunities to become even closer and more intimate with your partner? Research has found that one of the biggest differences between unhappily and happily married couples, was that happily married couples successfully repaired the emotional connection after an argument. Check out some of the key learning tips below, so you can start imagining how things are going to change in your relationship now.

90 Day Renew & Restore Program Benefits:

Increase Emotional Intimacy and Deepen your Connection by Learning Communication Mastery Strategies, Rituals,  and Techniques that will Systemize your Day to Day Life

Create an Environment of Appreciation and Acknowledgment – 65 years of research shows happy couples are 5x more positively acknowledging

Co-Create and Up-Level your Relationships Respect, Team Work, and Overall Feel More Valued/Prioritized

Resolve Arguments Successfully- No More Sweeping Under the Rug, Escalated Arguments or Right or Wrong 

Live a Life of Flow Together by Setting your Partner up for Success and Asking for What you Need, Want, and Desire without Complaining, Blaming, or Attacking 

Re-write a Culture of Unconditional Positive Regard and Grace for Each Other's Growth Journey

Learn Key Emotionally Reactive Triggers and How to Manage them Successfully through Accountability Consciousness 

Create a Sacred, Safe, & Secure Attachment with Intimacy Mindset Shifts that will Hold Your Relationship's Growth Overtime

Mindful of your Own Mirror Projection and Honoring Self Love for You and your Partner 

Learn Weekly Relationship Maintenance Rituals to Enhance Your Emotional Connection

Addressing Ego, Self Loathing, and Complaining while Rising Into a New Mindset That Serves

Family of Origin Boundaries in Relationships & How To Manage Successfully

Healthy Expectation Setting as a Team in All Areas & Aspects of Your Life

Lower Defensiveness Through Multi-Generational Pattern Awareness & Increasing Empathy

Create the Foundation of your Relationship with Key Mindset Shifts: 

GROWTH Shifts:

Disrepair to Communication Mastery

Co-Dependency to Sovereignty

Survival to Growth


Victim to Accountability Consciousness

Internal Projection to Mindful Mirroring 

Warring to Healing

Not Enough to Honoring Self Fully

Blind Subconscious to Conscious Awareness 

Resistance to Safe Surrender 

Deprivation to Celebration Culture

Expectation to Growth 

Destructive Masculine/Feminine to Grace

The Old Age to the New Age "THRIVING" Couple


Right vs Wrong to Deep Understanding

Invalidation of Self to Validation of Self & Others

​Criticism to  Curiousity

Reactivity to  Safety 

Irritation to  Empathy

Justification to Responsiblity 

Disrespect to Respect

Repression to Fully Embodied 

Defensiveness to Vulnerability 

Judgement of self & partner to   Sacred Love

Distrust to  Trust

Disconnection of Self & Partner to Connection

And More!


In The 8 Master Classes for Program Options 2 & 3, You Will Also Receive: 

Get Fully Supported with Q & A and Group Coaching for All Modules

 Stay Consistently Resourced & On Target as You Grow Together  

Multi-Generational Subconscious Awarness of Reactive Triggers - Advanced

Relationship Culture Building for the New Age Conscious Couple - Advanced

LIVE Experiential Connection Excercises with Your Partner 

Mirror Relationship with Self & How to Activate Healing from the Inside Out 

Conscious Couples Communication Mastery & Mindset Shifts/ Strategies  - Advanced

Deep Healing & Forgiveness Container 

Honoring Shadow Work & Safe Relating Together (Workbook Included).

MasterClass Couples Intention Setting & Weekly Connection Rituals

Polarity Building of the Masculine Feminine Dance To Keep the Fire Alive

Prioritizing Energy & Frequency in Your Relationship 

Love Altar Co-Creation for Sacred Intimacy Rituals & Bedroom Environment

Crystal Bowl Healing Meditations for Relaxation & Mindfulness

Core Belief DeBunking about Relationship Potential 

Fully Expressed Sexuality and How Emotional Intimacy Maintenance is Key

Question & Answer will be Available at the End of each Master Class so you

 can get all the support you need as you go through our "90 Days to Renew, Restore,

 & Revolutionize Your Relationship" Program!

Should you choose to participate in Program Support Options 2 or 3, the 8 LIVE Master Classes are a deeply held "structured/seminar style" container for couples to grow  into a more advanced level of conscious and aware lovership. For the best results of this program, I recommend that you take this program journey together, not seperately. 

These Master Classes are a culmination of my 10 years of upper education, my 11 years in private practice working with couples, as well as my personal experience of 12 years in marriage. My husband, Paul, usually joins these Master Classes to add another perspective and dynamic to the teachings. Let's do this! 

This is for couples who are...

* Ready to Grow and Evolve Into a more Conscious and Awake Partnership Together.

* Are Struggling and or are Generally happy in their Relationship but are wanting to be even more Connected and in Flow throughout your day to day life.

*Ready to Master the ins and outs of Communication and Emotional Intimacy.

*Excited about learning and don't make excuses for themselves. 

*Ready to truly Thrive on all Levels, not just survive in some.

* Generally wanting More out of Life and are always looking for ways to Improve Themselves & be an even Better Partner for their lover.

* Ready to take on their own Personal Work so you can create true Team Work, together.

*Believe they have so much more potential as a couple, if they only had the basic & advanced foundational skills/ mindsets to build it. 

*Ready to truly manage triggers successfully and take 100 % accountability.

3 Levels of Program Support To Choose From:

You can choose from 3 levels of support for our program, all of which layer on top of each other. 

Programs Outlined Below:

PROGRAM OPTION 1"90 Day Renew, Restore, & Revolutionize Your Relationship Master Level Communicaton & Intimacy E-Course and Dr. Eva's 90 Day Personal Growth Workbook​.

PROGRAM OPTION 2:  "90 Day Renew, Restore, & Revolutionize Your Relationship Master Level Communicaton & Intimacy E-Course, Dr. Eva's 90 Day Personal Growth Workbook, 8 LIVE (Avg. 1.5 Hours Each Class) Advanced  Masterclasses with Q & A support." 

PROGRAM OPTION 3"90 Day Renew, Restore, & Revolutionize Your Relationship Master Level Communicaton & Intimacy E-Course, Dr. Eva's 90 Day Personal Growth Workbook, 8 LIVE (Avg. 1.5 Hours Each Class) Advanced  Masterclasses with Q & A support, 8 One on One (1.5 Hours Each Call) Couples Coaching Calls with Dr. Eva."

You will also Receive these Epic 3 Bonus Gifts:

Bonus Gift 1: Personal workbook that I use at my  3 & 5 day Couples Retreats that we host at our center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This workbook is designed to help rewire the internal relationship you have with yourself as well as relationship mindset shifts & practice excercises you will do with your partner. I recommend you print out 2, 1 for your partner and one for yourself.  ($1000 Value).

Bonus Gift 2: Dr. Eva's "How To Repair After an Argument Checklist" which she uses with all of her personal 1 on 1 clients. ($500 Value)

Bonus Gift 3: How To Thrive In Love Quick Tip E-Book ($50 Value)

NOTE: When you sign up for Options 2 & 3, you will recieve an email notifcation when we start our next round of 8 LIVE Masterclasses. Once the 8 LIVE Masterclasses commence, we will host them every other Thursday at 7:30 pm est consistently, so you will be able to mark your calendars over the 90 day period of your program. That way you are supported all the way through! We record all 8 of the  advanced LIVE Masterclasses, so just in case you don't make the LIVE event, you will have access to all the Replays. If you choose Option 3, I will contact you directly to schedule your eight 1 on 1 sessions, which I usually schedule Monday, Thursday or Friday. Make sure to check you email.

Check out the options below to see what the best fit for your lifestyle may be and what level of support you'd like to recieve during your "90 Days to RenewRestore, & Revolutionize Your Relationship Connection: Learn How to Communicate, Deepen Emotional & Sexual Intimacy, Grow Into Long Lasting Thriving Love" program offerings below:

Program Option 1

90 Day Renew & Restore Master Communicaton and  Intimacy E-Course, Dr. Eva's Personal Growth Workbook & All Bonuses 

 (Valued at $3,000.00)

3 Role Play Videos for a Step by Step Guide for how to Repair after an Argument 

The complete research based Renew, Restore Master Communication and Intimacy Online E-Course Program so you can learn how to communicate successfully, dial in emotional intimacy & upgrade the relationship mindset you currently subscribe to.

You will also be gifted Dr. Eva's Relationship Revolutionaries Communication & Intimacy Prevention Guidebook as well as her How to Repair After an Argument Checklist as soon as you sign up.

Access to our Private Facebook Community where you will be the first to get Dr. Eva's newest blogs, recorded & live videos and podcasts. You will be joining a community of like minded "heart centered" couples who are dedicated to creating a sacred relationship connection. Find us on Facebook Group: Relationship Revolutionaries - A Tribe Where Couples Thrive. 

Deep discounts on all of our LIVE couples retreats & workshops held in Sunny South Florida at Dr. Eva's beautiful private practice and state of the art retreat center (over 2,000 square feet). 

All 3 Included Bonus Gifts Outlined Above!

Program Option 2

90 Day Renew & Restore Master Communicaton and Intimacy E-Course, 8 LIVE Advanced Masterclasses

with Support Q & A, Dr. Eva's Personal Growth Workbook & All Bonuses

(Valued at $6,000.00)


You Will Get Access to all in  Option 1  as well as the following below. 

The complete research based Renew & Restore Master Communication and Intimacy Online E-Course Program.

Access to our online Couples Master Classroom for Live Lecture and Q & A Support.  Total of 8 Deep Live classes & Open Q & A (Avg. 1.5 Hours).When you sign up for Option 2, you will recieve an email notifcation when we start our next round of 8 LIVE Masterclasses.

In these LIVE events, I will go deeper into the philosophy, science, and sacred teachings that I use with my one on one clients at my private practice so you will have all the tools you need to maintain and thrive in your relationship, long term.  

In these LIVE trainings, I will also lead experiential exercises that you will do while the LIVE event is happening which you get to do with partner in real time. Couples have said my online live events have a retreat like feel because I like to make learning experiential.

Replays will always be available for those that can not make the LIVE event but it is highly recommended that you do so. 

I also lead a Couples Meditation mantra in each LIVE event, which will help you get in your body and out of your head, so you can absorb the teachings fully. This will help to turn on the para-sympathetic nervous system, which means your body will be deeply relaxed.

Receive weekly Experiential Excercises & Rituals so you can deepen and heighten your connection with each other throughout our 90 Day relationship bootcamp. 

All 3 Included Bonus Gifts Outlined Above!

Program Option 3

90 Day Renew & Restore Master Communicaton and  Intimacy E-Course, 8 LIVE Advanced Masterclasses

 with Support Q & A, Dr. Eva's Personal Growth Workbook, 8 Personal 1 on 1 Couples Coaching Calls & All Bonuses

(Valued at $15,000.00 +)

You Will Get Access to all in Option 1 & 2 as well as live 1 on 1 custom tailored coaching for deeper relationship growth.

We will meet virtually every other Monday or Friday, depending on scheduling. (Eight Included 1.5 Hours = private 1 on 1 sessions) 

This 1 on 1 coaching will not be in the same week as the LIVE Master Class events so you have time to recover and integrate between Live Master Class teachings and the 1 on 1 relationship coaching.

In our 1 on 1 coaching:

In the very first session, I will do an in depth look at the overall relationship dynamic, emotional patterns, as well as family of origin history mapping to bring awareness to the entire relationship dynamic. 

After our first discovery session, we will then map out your relationship goals and I will custom tailor a program that is based on your specific relationship needs, wants, and desires. 

Our 1 on 1 coaching is an opportunity for you to get a professional look at your relationship and assist in creating a new container for your relationship to thrive in over the course of your relationship. 

The complete research based 90 Day Renew & Restore Master Communication and Intimacy Online E-Course Program is included.

Access to our online & LIVE Couples Master Classroom for Live Lecture and Q & A Support. Total of 8 Deep Live Couples Classes & Open Q & A (1.5 Avg. Hours). When you sign up for Option 3, you will recieve an email notifcation when we start our next round of 8 LIVE Masterclasses.

All 3 Included Bonus Gifts Outlined Above!

Please Note: (Limited Availability)

I only work with 6 couples every 90 Days for my 1 on 1 coaching option 3 and it will book quickly.

Are you ready to...

  • ​Repair from misunderstandings, fights and emotional disconnection and discover the depths within your love? 
  • Disagree with your spouse, yet argue constructively, respectfully, & maintain intimacy while doing so?
  • Know when to talk and how to make your partner feel heard, valued, & understood?
  • Resolve any issue as a team, with 100% accountability - no more 50-50 blame game?
  • Create a safe environment (without the emotional trigger landmines) for a growth mentality to thrive in your relationship?
  • Discuss your needs, wants and desires without attacking, criticizing, blaming, continued frustration, or escalation?
  • Love deeply and unconditionally, even during conflict or when you are triggered?

Meet Your Relationship's New Best Friend!

Thank you for checking out our "90 Days to RenewRestore, & Revolutionize Your Relationship: Learn How to Communicate, Deepen Emotional & Sexual Intimacy, Grow Into Long Lasting Thriving Love" program offerings. 
The 3 different offerings for this fully comprehenisve program was created because I wanted couples to have the choice to learn as they prefer to, as everyone learns differently. 
I wanted to create an opportunity for ALL couples to grow together, in the comfort and convenience of their home, and on their own time. I know the lives of my personal 1 - on - 1 clients very well and I understand that time is a commodity that busy couples just don't have the luxury of committing to, which is why the Renew & Restore Master Communication & Intimacy E-Course option is perfect for them.
Busy on the go couples also know the importance of building a strong relationship foundation, but it just needs to be accessible to them when they can "make" time. 
The old school way of running relationships just doesn't work for the 21st century couple and relationship maintenance & prevention is the key to a long lasting, fully thriving, connected, and sexually active partnership.
All my programs are backed by 65 years of research, whether you choose the "Do It Yourself" Master E-Course or the "8 LIVE Master Class Immersion" option which is every other Thursday at 7:30 pm est.
We will announce the start date for the 8 LIVE Masterclasses through email and on our private Facebook Group: Relationship Revolutionaries - A Tribe Where Couples Thrive, so make sure to join us there too.
Some of you may opt to do the 1 on 1 relationship coaching as well, which is a bigger time dedication and is recommended if you are experiencing moderate to servere relationship discomfort. If not, the other two programs will be more than enough to meet your relationship growth needs.
As the founder of the Relationship Revolutionaries Tribe, I provide a wide range of services such as relationship coaching, luxury couples retreats, podcasts, and numerous online services. In addition to being licensed in the state of Florida, I am also Gottman Level I and II trained in couples research and strategy.
I also lead an amazing tribe of couples, who believe in up-leveling their relationship and never settling for the average status quo. It' s a tribe where couples come to Thrive in their relationship, not just survive! 
I hope you join our epic Relationship Revolutionaries Tribe of couples, as we all would love to meet you. Make sure to check out our Tribe on Facebook "Relationship Revolutionaries - A Tribe Where Couples Thrive."

With Love,

      Dr. Eva Brown Ph.D.

I love getting Messages like this from my

 1 on 1 couples coaching clients!

Dr. Eva Brown's Revolutionary Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


More Testimonials From My Amazing Clients...

“Wow, that’s the only way to describe how I’m feeling at the moment. After working with Dr. Brown for about a year now, my relationship has done a complete 180 for the positive. However, I noticed that as my relationship improved, I still felt somewhat unhappy.

I began to realize that it was an unhappiness I managed to avoid for a very long time because I was always focused on the relationship. As the turmoil of my relationship cleared, I was left with the turmoil of myself. With this knowledge, I began to realize that I could no longer avoid my personal unhappiness. It was a scary place to be and I didn’t know how to move forward, I felt stuck!!! Knowing that I needed help to reach the place that I wanted to be, I asked to meet with Dr. Brown one-on-one. Now I know why people don’t like individual therapy, because it’s difficult, however if done with the right therapist, it can be so rewarding. The session I had with Dr. Brown was one of the hardest I have ever had, but it was also one of the most empowering.

Dr. Brown compassionately helped me understand myself by looking at the role I have played throughout life. Without judgement she gave me honest feedback as to why personal change is important for a happier personal life. Thanks to Dr. Brown’s honesty, empathy, knowledge, and support, I am ready to take the next step in my journey towards personal success and happiness.” - *Anonymous Client/Patient Doctor Privilege

"Dr. Eva is the reason why we were able to overcome some major communication problems and other relationship issues. What we loved the most about her is how she integrates her expertise, research, and experience into her program. Do not expect some overgeneralized relationship advice without focus. Rather, you should expect tailored-made solutions directly addressing and impacting the issues between you and your partner. She will work on every aspect that needs to be worked on and will make you understand the root of your problems in very simplistic form. Her style is very well-structured with clear objectives for the solution to your issues. She is extremely professional, smart, and very charismatic. Something about her inspires trust. Do not wait until is too late, as it almost was for us."

Anonymous Couple*

"Dr. Eva has been as committed to me and our marriage, as she has proven to us time and time again. She goes so far above and beyond what she's required to do, from her schedule flexibility to spending the time it takes to really work through issues, instead of watching the clock. She is incredibly accommodating and sacrifices her own time to ensure she provides a consistent, effective, and solution focused program. I have grown so much, have more clarity than ever before and cannot say enough great things about Dr. Eva. She is truly a rarity in this field and I will forever be grateful I found her." 

Anonymous Couple*

"My partner and I have been seeing Dr. Eva Brown for couples program on and off for about 2 months. I cannot imagine a better guide through what started as an impossible journey for us. Dr. Eva helped us to recognize and address "old wounds" that had kept us from achieving the level of intimacy we both craved. She has helped us understand and appreciate one another on a new and healthier level, and our commitment to one another is becoming stronger as a result. My individual experience has been a significant contributor to my personal growth. We highly recommend Dr. Eva Brown to any lesbian couple, or any couple for that matter, serious about making a positive change in their relationship... it sure has in our relationship. Thank you, Dr. Eva!"

Anonymous Couple*

"Good afternoon Dr Eva!  I just wanted to let you know we had a great / best session last night & made great progress in identifying our wrong behaviors. My hubby was really active & it was the 1st time I didn’t cry . Of course you were 100% right that we needed to get to the Defensiveness & Accountability module in the course program! We are now working on being 100/100  with less contempt from Me & less stonewalling from Him . & to hear that’s what leads to divorce the most ...clearly shows how much work we need to do. But, we are now heading in the right direction and I’m so grateful I met you & signed up for this course just in time!"

Anonymous Couple*

"I've sought counseling on and off over the years in my journey to better understand myself and my personal challenges. I came to Dr. Eva when my marriage was in crisis and have never been more committed to her program. In the past, I've been known to "therapist hop" because the relationships I had with my therapists never really "clicked" and I wasn't quite sure why. After working with Dr. Eva, it was clear to me that she was passionate about her career and seemed far more interested in & dedicated to honing her skills than a considerable amount of practitioners I've been to in the past. But the main difference was immediately sensing that she genuinely cares about her clients. You can't go wrong with any of Dr. Eva's programs."  

Anonymous Couple*

 "I never thought I would be writing a testimonial like this as I was skeptical from the beginning, but my wife encouraged me to do it with her. I just wasn't into it, but I promised my wife I would try it.  I remember sharing with my wife, that "this program might work!" Dr.Eva is solution focused, frank, and genuine all at the same time. She doesn't pull any punches with either of us as she always said she was on the side of the relationship, no matter how many times I tried to get her to believe that I was in the right. Haha! Actually, I learned that there is no such thing as "right or wrong" in our relationship and that we all have multiple perspectives that are valid. I'll remember that forever."

Anonymous Couple*

*Anonymous due to Patient/Doctor Confidentiality.


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