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What is Sex & Sexuality, Anyway?

For almost a century, New Age Sex has been a confusing subject for many. For most of us, when we …

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What is Conscious Partnership?

How many of you are “living in conscious partnership?” Where are my Relationship Revolutionaries at? Love and relationships are not …

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Show Title: Amy Lasseter – 3 Tips To Embody Your Heart & Mind

Amy S. Lasseter is the founder of BreakThrough and is a Growth & Success Mindset Strategist. She specializes in ensuring …

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Show Title: Steffani Fort LeFevour- 5 Taboo Tips to Manifest Anything

Stephanie’s passion and purpose are to help busy women transform their relationships with themselves, their partners, their kids, and their …

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Show Title: Heather Seguin- 3 Tips for Someone in a Relationship with a Sex Addict

Empathy is foundation to everything Heather does.  From that foundation, she encourages and challenges clients to clarify what they want …

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Show Title: Julie Foucht – The Art of Feminine Marketing

Julie Foucht decided she needed to take her coaching business to the next level, so she hired a high-end coach …

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Show Title: Shannon Wasie- 3 Tips For Befriending Your Menstrual Cycle and Liberating Self Love

Shannon is a coach, writer, and mom who specializes in nurturing the soul vision of small business.  She also has …

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Show Title: Sarah Poet, M. Ed- The 3 Pillars That Guide Healing Trauma in Your Relationship

Sarah wants to connect with others in ways that allow the individual to feel resourced, empowered, and regulated in their …

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Show Title: Radhaa Nilia – 5 Tips to Bring Sacredness to Sex

Radhaa is an intuitive teacher, international coach, healer, forward thinking leader, and speaker on feminine empowerment.  Radhaa is the creator …

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Show Title: Nigel Henry – Leveraging the “Gift” of Anger to Activate High Level Conscious Relationships

Master Nigel Henry is the founder of Principle of Mastery Unleashed, a business and personal performance acceleration firm.  His coaching …

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