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Couples Date Night Retreat

Join us for our epic couple's "Valentine's DATE NIGHT" Retreat

on February 14th, 2019 at 7:30 p.m...

1 Ticket Counts for 2 People = 1 Couple!

We have a limited amount of space, so sign up today if your definitely coming! 

We are supporting only 10 couples for this retreat, so it will book quickly.

Located at our center: 3038 N Federal Hwy Suite F-2 Fort Lauderdale Fl., 33306

Please wear ALL RED TOP as this will be a "Red Tent" event! There will be no refunds, however you are welcome to do a one-time transfer to a future circle, as space is available. Please let us know if you sign up but for some reason you are not be able to attend, as space is limited. Thank You. Once you sign up, your name will be added to our Master attendance list. When you arrive, you will sign in with one of our team members. See you soon!

Our Valentines "DATE NIGHT" Couples Retreat is:

February 14th, 2019 Friday at 7:30 pm: Tickets Available Now

Located at: 3038 N Federal Hwy Suite F-2 Fort Lauderdale Fl., 33306

The Value of our Couples DATE NIGHT Circle, hosted by Dr. Eva Brown and Paul, is easily over: $500.00 and your in for $111.00 and that's for both of you! The angel number 111 symbolizes the "principles of spiritual awakening and enlightenment, high energy, inspiration and intuition, self expression and sensitivity," which is the perfect kick off to our couples retreat. Everything we do, we do it with intention!  Wait till you SEE and experience what we have in store for you. It is truly special and unique to South Florida, as it will surely be a night to remember. See you soon! 



1 Ticket Counts for 2 People = 1 Couple!


Support, Celebration, Growth

My Husband, Paul, and I are thrilled to present the grand opening of our Couples DATE NIGHT Circles on November 8th, 2019, just before the holiday season rush! We will host our "Couples Date Night" at our beautiful 2,000 sq. Ft. community center, in the heart of Fort Lauderdale, just 5 minutes from the beach. The intention behind the creation of our epic Date Night circles is so that couples can be held in a tight container, where they have the opportunity to connect, learn, and grow together. Our Relationship Revolutionary Tribe believes in growth, commitment to a higher awareness, and thriving. Paul and I also wanted to create something special for him and I to connect as husband and wife as well with other like minded thriving couples.  Our culture as a tribe is founded on support, celebration, and growth for all couples. And that's exactly what we are doing at our circles! 


3 Major Focus Points

This event is highly curated and focuses on the 3 major pillars most couples are desiring to connect with on a soul level: deep cellular body healing & relaxation, exponential emotional growth, and embodied intentional commitment.  Since my husband and I will be hosting this event, which is very sacred for us as a married couple, we will be sharing and modeling conscious partnership openly so that we all can RISE together. This is so important for our future generations and our children as we rise into awareness and love as a family. Couples that attend this circle are looking for a space to truly connect with their partner, play and laugh, and be held in a ceremonial experiential flow of love and creation with their beloved.  All of your 5 senses will be heightened so you can get you back in touch with your WHOLE self and your partner!


All 5 Senses Come Alive

As you walk into the center with your beloved, your sights will be dazzled with over 100 beautifully lit candles and your sense of smell will be enlivened by lavender aromatherapy floating in the air. Your sense of touch will be awakened with soft pillows and blankets that decorate the entire space for your “Queen & King” comfort. The sounds of nature, music, and mediation will fill the air as your soul comes alive with the movement of your body, deep breathing, and true joyful connection with your partner. You will also be deeply encoded with activation's that you and your partner will benefit from as you flow in your lives together, during a sound healing meditation. The quality time spent with your partner during our tightly held and curated circle, will be remembered for a lifetime. 

What to Expect at our Couples DATE NIGHT Circles:

Sacred "Commitment to Love" Intention Setting Partner Ceremony

Experiential "Surrender & Flow" with your Partner

Deep Cellular Breath Work to Clear the Body and Mind

Sound Healing Meditation & Connection Time with your Beloved

Lots of Laughter, Connection, and Growth!

And so much more… Best DATE NIGHT ever!!!

Dr. Eva

The Couples Doctor

"Our bodies hold our lived records, just like trees do, and our relationships are our Legacy. May we treat our Bodies and our Relationships with Kindness and Hold it in Divine Reverence, always." - Me

1 Ticket Counts for 2 People = 1 Couple!

Love One Another

Come circle with us before the holiday rush and get settled into your connection, with intention. The gift of Love is the "Gift that Keeps on Giving." No material gift is greater. Gift yourselves an experience that will hold you throughout this season. - Dr. Eva

We know how to hold space for Connection:

My husband, Paul and I, are are so excited to hold space for 12 beautiful and soulful couples. As a couple, we are all deeply devoted to our love and we have dedicated our lives to awakening conscious and awake partnership for couples, globally. We live a life of heart centered service because it's our purpose, passion, and pleasure to do so.

We believe, that as a collective "Relationship Revolutionaries Couples Tribe," we can raise the vibration of our human presence through deep healing, clearing, and connecting in divine union. We believe we are "Better Together," as we can ALL support the frequency of Growth and Evolution for the next generations to come. 

You will likely experience inner joy, peace, and a grounded centering as you take part in this ceremonial couples circle, which is worth its weight in gold these days as most of us (if not all) are walking around with adrenal fatigue, relationship stress, and are in need some serious TLC and quality time with our lovers. As business owners, Paul and I certainly could use more time connecting and we know couples do too, which is one of the reasons why we created these sacred circles. 

Make sure to leave all judgement, criticisms, or lack at the door because negativity will not survive in the container my husband and I set. All will be safely held and taken on a beautiful connected and expansive journey with your partners, clearing away anything that is no longer serving and stepping into your highest and best selves, in divine conscious union. If you plan on joining us, please book your spot today because we expect to be at full capacity quickly, with 12 amazing couples joining us. See you there and make sure to come on time 7:30!

How Are You Maintaining Your Relationship Over Time?

These are some helpful Questions to get you thinking about how you are maintaining your loving connection over time. 

1. How are you rising into love each week? 

2. How do you intentionally carve out time for you and your beloved to "really" connect in meaningful and growth oriented ways? 

3. How are you living in your Truth rather than Projection and how you are holding your Values as a couple?

4. How are you creating space for your beloved to be Held, Seen, and Acknowledged each week? 

5. How are you doing that for Yourself? 

6. How are you intentionally creating space for even more surrender and ultimate emotional safety in your relationship? 

7. Are you projecting or are you aware of how you are showing up in your life and in your relationship? ie: are you projecting control, possession, co-dependency, or resentment cause you have learned to "keep yourself safe" this way. 

8. Or are you projecting compassion, abundance, passion, healing, and easy forgiveness?

9. How deep have you been able to "Explore The Depths of Your Love?" 

This circle is about answering all of these questions but through Embodied Breathe, Intention, and Awareness to your relationships current ceiling. I want you to know that you can go Deeper, that you can experience Thriving, that you can live life Better Together.

If you don't STEP- OUT of your comfort zone, stuck-ness will prevail. Invest in your relationship like you invest in your businesses or your families and you will Soar with abundance. Our relationships Must Come First. Join our couples circle and see for yourself how deep you can go with each other. See you soon! - Dr. Eva 

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1 Ticket Counts for 2 People = 1 Couple!

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