Want to Renew, Restore & Revolutionize Your Relationship's Connection in 2020?

Learn How to Communicate, Deepen Emotional & Sexual Intimacy  Grow Into Long Lasting Thriving Love

Sign up for Dr. Eva's #1 FREE & LIVE  Love, Sex & Intimacy Couple's Masterclass, so you can grow into a "conscious, sacred & thriving" love connection that is fully accountable, secure, turned on and tuned in!

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What You'll Learn In Dr. Eva's LIVE MasterClass:

THE NEW AGE CONSCIOUS COUPLE: Learn all about the top 3 Relationship Killers according to 65 years of research and how to prevent them for good so you Grow & Thrive Together with more ease, grace & flow in your day to day lives.

COMMUNICATION TIPS: Learn how to build a solid foundation with on point communication mindset shifts that have been proven to work with her 1 on 1 private client's, so you can increase emotional intimacy and deepen your overall connection. 

READY TO SCALE YOUR GROWTH AS A COUPLE?  Dr. Eva will walk you through assessing your growth "as a couple" so you know exactly where you stand and what needs improvement in your relationship.

RELATIONSHIP RITUALS:  Learn her #1 weekly intimacy ritual so you can get your needs, wants and desires met all while setting your partner up for success without complaining or blaming (most couples don't realize that they may actually be provoking a defensive response from their partners, unintentionally). 

HAVE FUN & LEARN: If you love to learn new things that will change the way you think about Love & how to Maintain Intimacy in long term relationships, than this Masterclass is for you! 


EXPERIENCE: Dr. Eva  is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice who specializes in working with couples that truly want to grow together as a team and unlock the key foundational mindset shifts, strategies, rituals and habits that create the reality of the "New Age Thriving Couple." A reality in which conscious communication, heightened accountablility, emotional intimacy and sacred sexuality become the joyful experience of her private client's daily lives. She runs a successful multi 6 figure private practice for 11 years in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and has over 10,000 hours of one on one couples therapy under her belt.  

MASTER TEACHER: Her online and LIVE MasterClass programs are a culmination of her 12 years of upper education, retreats, workshops,  peer reviewed research and of course, her many years of working with couples directly.  She loves to make learning "fun, frank, educational & entertaining!" Her # 1 goal is to normalize what couples go through and then guide couples into the highest & best versions of themselves. She is all about getting results for her couples and will always teach, unapologetically and effectively. Dr. Eva and her clients hold a 93% success rate and these amazing, open minded couples are now living in the relationship they always knew they  had the potential to grow into, together.

MISSION: Her mission is to end the paradigm of the "Old School Surviving Couple" and invite the "New Age Thriving Couple" into exsistence. She believes that joining this new paradigm shift is the biggest and most effective way to prepare our future generations for a more conscious & accountable society. When couples change the way interact with each other in every way, their children will naturally follow suit; after all we are all products of our environment. Dr. Eva only works with highly motivated couples who are ready, willing and truly desiring to make changes in their lives. She believes that couples either grow together and inevitably heal themselves through loving each other and themselves more, or they grow apart. There really is no in between, just survival.


Dr. Eva Brown's Revolutionary Couple's Center in Florida.

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