Want to Renew, Restore & RELAX  in meditative Sacred Union together?

Relax Together, Deepen Emotional Intimacy  & Heal in Sacred Union through Meditation.

Dr. Eva's 3 Day Renew, Restore & RELAX Sacred Union Meditation Series is for couples who desire to connect in sacred union and integrate the healing needed to truly surrender to a deeply devoted and connected partnership. This is beautifully orchestrated and intuitive meditation series that will unite your souls as one, while liberating yourself into a more grounded connection to self. She uses sound healing to allow the healing meditation to be integrated at a cellular level within the body, so enjoy the sound bath!

BONUS OFFER: When you become a student of Dr. Eva's Master Meditation Series for couples she will gift you her "How To Repair After an Argument Checklist" as well as her "How To Thrive in LOVE E-Book" which she uses with all of her personal 1 on 1 clients. ($500 Value)

What You'll Learn In Dr. Eva's Master Couples Meditation Series:

MEDITATION 1 - TRAUMA RELEASE & HEALING: After 12 years & 15,000 hours of 1 on 1 couples work, Dr. Eva has found that all couples can benefit from releasing and becoming more conscious of how past or present trauma - also known as emotional triggers - can impact their relationship on a much deep level than most realize. Oftentimes, these emotional triggers can become so defensive and off putting to a couple's ability to relate, that it will easily become damaging and even toxic to their love bond overtime. It's a situation where "you don't know, what you don't know" because the mind is 95% subconscious; which is most often operating to protect oneself rather than to advance connection and understanding with your beloved.   Some common emotional triggers for ALL couples are: Not feeling good enough or inadequacy, not feeling heard, feeling misunderstood, abandoned,  unlovable, shame etc.  Doing this deeply integrative work through meditation allows couples to acknowledge, process and release (some all of the reactivity around) emotional triggers so they can live in more flow, vulnerability and connection.

MEDITATION 2 - LOVE LANGUAGE & CONNECTION: One of the biggest problems for today's couple is feeling depleted and radically under resourced, which often leaves partners feeling neglected and not as connected as they desire to be deep down.  Couples are always looking for new and innovative ways to connect with their beloved and Dr. Eva's love language meditation does just that! You and your beloved will be whisked away into sacred union as you both breath deeply together, expanding what your love connection is fully capable of in real time. You will connect with yourself and your beloved as you both anchor into the higher intelligence of your mind, body and soul through deep breathing and "vacation worthy" serenity.  

MEDITATION 3 - REPAIR, RELEASE & RESOLVE:  65 years of research tells us that 1 of the biggest differences between happily married couples and unhappily married couples is their ability to repair the "emotional connection" after conflict or frustration. Most couples get caught up in the blame game or "right and wrong" and this meditation was designed to get beyond all of that so the connection can be restored fully. This meditation will help the recovery and healing process needed for couples to rekindle their connection, especially during the aftermath of a fight or triggered moment. This will also help couples target and release emotional triggers that often come up for them. 

HAVE FUN & LEARN: In meditation 1, Dr. Eva will take you and your beloved on a journey into your "Stream of Consciousness," which is a deeply connecting and soul binding experiential exercise in the last 30 minutes of Meditation 1, which will reawaken and rebirth your lover-ship into divine sacred union. Couples have shared that it is definitely one of their favorite aspects to this meditation series! Enjoy


EXPERIENCE: Dr. Eva  is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice who specializes in working with couples that truly want to grow together as a team and unlock the key foundational mindset shifts, strategies, rituals and habits that create the reality of the "New Age Thriving Couple." A reality in which conscious communication, heightened accountability, emotional intimacy and sacred sexuality become the joyful experience of her private client's daily lives. She  runs a successful multi-6 figure private practice for 12 years now in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and has over 15,000 hours of couples therapy under her belt. 

MASTER TEACHER: Her online and LIVE Masterclass programs are a culmination of her 12 years of upper education, retreats, workshops,  peer reviewed research and of course, her many years of working with couples.  She loves to make learning "fun, frank, educational & entertaining!" Her # 1 goal is to normalize what couples go through and then guide couples into the highest & best versions of themselves. She is all about getting results for her couples and will always teach, apologetically and effectively. Dr. Eva and her clients hold a 93% success rate and these amazing, open minded couples are now living in the relationship they always knew they  had the potential to grow into, together.

MISSION: Her mission is to end the paradigm of the "Old School Surviving Couple" and invite the "New Age Thriving Couple" into existence. She believes that joining this new paradigm shift is the biggest and most effective way to prepare our future generations for a more conscious & accountable society. When couples change the way interact with each other in every way, their children will naturally follow suit; after all we are all products of our environment. Dr. Eva only works with highly motivated couples who are ready, willing and truly desiring to make changes in their lives. She believes that couples either grow together and inevitably heal themselves through loving each other and themselves more, or they grow apart. There really is no in between, just survival.

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