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Dave Boddy- Bully Prevention: A Personal Story of Survival!

Dave Boddy has produced two seasons of a SHWA T.V. show, has spoken to over 1200+ students, and has been a life coach for youths since 2012. He has enrolled 66 Youths in the BUHeroes Community that he has organized. In this podcast, he shares his personal story of survival about when he was bullied severely and how he overcame the challenges of being victimized.


Fun Facts:

  • I have a blue and a green eye.
  • I’m a former professional wrestler and security officer.
  • I’ve co-written an award winning short film starring Dominique Swain and Mia Talerico.


Show Notes:

  • How did you overcome all your struggles?
  • What tactics did you use to overcome and still use daily?
  • Who inspired you?
  • What was the most stressful experience you’ve ever Had?


Contact Information: If you would like to contact Dave his phone number is (403) 9225945, his E-mail is, and his website is

If you would like to follow Dave here are his social media handles:


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May 4, 2018
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