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First Time To Therapy

I know that life is challenging and losing sight of what is most important to us ends up falling to the waist side, leaving us feeling frustrated and overwhelmed at times. Taking charge of life challenges and endeavoring into uncharted territory, known as “going to therapy” for the first time may be daunting for some especially when you don't have a referral from a trusted friend.

Most of my client's are actually referred to me by client's I have or still currently work with, but not everyone that calls me to inquire about my services has that same luxury of comfort, which is why I will continue to offer a free 20 minute consult to those who have not heard of the work I do from their friends or family.

I believe that the relationship you have with a therapist/coach is the most valuable element when creating the kind of change you may be looking for in your life. Research also indicates the value of the actual "relationship with a therapist" is the most important, along with a skilled modality that works.

There is always that moment of "I can figure this out on my own." I used to be the queen of doing it all! I never invested in getting myself resourced and supported. Trust used to be difficult for me to feel when working with professionals, never the less a coach or a therapist. All that has changed now and I love to get resourced and supported. I have my own mentors and coaches that I love, however taking the initial jump wasn't as easy and I like to normalize that for my client's.

My life's passion is to assist my client's with creating the desired changes ‘they wish to make’ by collaboratively and systemically reorienting their resources and strengths to a whole new dimension of thought, creativity, and possibility. Essentially, you can think of therapy like advanced systemic brainstorming with a therapeutic and healing underpinning. The key to creating long term systemic change is making sure that your goals fit within your preferred lifestyle and worldview, so that taking ownership of your change is easy and fluid rather. 

Many of my clients have tried solution after solution before working with me, but no matter what solutions they tried, a tangible resolution isn't always feasible & it is usually highly frustrating for my couples. The good news is that there is hope for a solution that fits for you, as therapy can be the lens that enables endless possibility and discovery to surface.

As a skilled practitioner, it is my job to service your goals and work alongside of you. I believe there is no hopeless scenario or challenge, as there are multiple ways of reconstructing reality as you know it today. I work with my clients collaboratively, so that long term sustainable change, hope, and happiness become the central pillar for which they continue to live out the rest of their lives.  It is important to begin your therapeutic journey only when you are ready to commit to making a difference in your life. Please contact me anytime for a 10 minute phone consult or send me an email at

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