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Free LIVE Webinar Workshop For Couples

    Host: Dr. Eva Brown PhD., LMFT.

The 3 Main Pillars You'll Discover in this free webinar workshop for couples in long term relationships:


Welcome to Conscious, Accountable, & Aware Partnership Part 1


Why 5 to 1 Positive Sentiment is the Key to Long Term Fulfillment


Top 3 Differences Between Happy and Unhappy Marriages 

Meet your Master Trainer...

Hi, my name is Dr. Eva Brown! Welcome to my free workshop for couples to learn, grow, and evolve into the very first steps of conscious and awake partnership.  All my programs and workshops are backed by 65 years of research, which makes our offerings stand out above the rest with proven results and client reviews. There is actually a science to lasting love and together, with my over 10,000 hours of one on one couples therapy, I have created systems, strategies, and sacred rituals that help couples maintain long lasting love.  

Over the 11 years of being in private practice, my clients and I have a collaborative 93% success rate and my goal is to make that a worldwide average.  My mission is to drop the 52% divorce rate & provide couples with the tools that they need to thrive in their relationships. As the founder of the Relationship Revolutionaries, I provide a wide range of offerings such as therapeutic intensives, luxury couples retreats, podcasts, as well as the creation of the very first "Explore The Depths of Your Love" Masters Level Hybrid Immersion Program for couples. 

I lead an amazing tribe of divine couples, who believe in up-leveling their relationship and never settling for the average status quo. It' s a tribe where couples come to Thrive in their relationships, not just survive! I hope you join our epic Relationship Revolutionaries Tribe of couples, as we all would love to meet you and of course, enjoy this free workshop. Sign up below as space is limited! 

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