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We all crave the deepest forms of emotional and sexual intimacy. To be able to share what is true in our hearts, feel heard and be met with compassion rather than being made to feel wrong, judged or too much. A love that is true and remains unconditionally supportive, safe and consistent no matter what life throws at us is the ultimate relationship goal. And I believe creating a sacred and conscious partnership is the only way forward for couples living and raising families in the 21st century.

The half baked ideology that one shall marry and all will be “magical” – only to find out it’s riddled with projections and defensive escalations – must go. It’s high time we say good bye to the “old school surviving” relationship & say hello to the “new age conscious” partnership that is cradled in unconditional love and the deep personal growth of our ever expanding souls. You know, the kind of growth that extends way beyond into future generations. That’s what Sacred Partners is all about!

If your looking to experience deep level growth personally or in your relationship, than you have found the right place. Sacred Partners offer podcasts, online accelerated growth programs, couples retreats, private weekend intensives, women’s circles, 1 on 1 coaching, couples therapy services & more. Take a look around our site and make sure to check out one of our newest services, our monthly Sacred Partners Healing & Growth Community Membership so you can “Keep the Fun & Spice at Home” year round.

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