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Finally...A PROVEN, Breakthrough Program to Master Communication & Intimacy 
with Your Partner!


Stop feeling like you're walking through a minefield filled with emotional triggers every time you have a disagreement with your significant other.

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​​​No relationship is perfect. Building, maintaining and sustaining a rewarding relationship can be intimidating, as long as you don’t possess the skills; the Skills needed to assist you in working through day-to-day life stresses that happen in every relationship.

But...What if you could have every tool and technique,
you’ll EVER need – right at your fingertips –
to make your relationship Thrive today ?  

What if I were to tell you that there are proven strategies and techniques that happy couples use to communicate, repair and maintain intimacy in their relationship, even during conflict with each other…

And what if I were to tell you that these foundational strategies, techniques and mindset shifts increase intimacy, deepen connection and appreciation over time…

…and that without these foundational communication and emotional intimacy shifts you will have a difficult time lowering defensiveness and successfully managing emotional triggers with your significant other.

What if I further told you that I could teach you these secrets and it would significantly change your success level in communication with your partner and deepen the emotional intimacy you have with each other?

Before I tell you what the key foundational elements are, and how it works, I want to share my reason for creating this program with you below…

Over the past decade in private practice, I have seen many of the same communication patterns show up for couples over and again. The lack of emotion centered communication is a cultural and systemic issue seated in the belief that vulnerability is a weakness. Unfortunately, when it comes to maintaining intimacy and connection in a romantic relationship the underpinning societal definition of vulnerability being a weakness couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, research has shown that vulnerability is the key to emotional intimacy and deep genuine connection.

This thought process paired with making an adjustment in “how” you communicate as a couple can quite literally preserve your relationship from present or future dissolution, which will ultimately set you both up for success as you grow into a more evolved and conscious partnership. Over the years, I have come to the conclusion that if couple's are not growing together, they are slowly growing growing together is key! 

The saddest moment for me as a clinician is when couples come to my office with so much contempt/resentment for their partner, simply because they just didn't have the right tools to communicate, promote growth, and repair from disagreements in their relationship from the beginning. This is very sad for me because I know it could have all been PREVENTED  & we are delighted to share that with our program many couples have recovered from relationship dissolution and in other cases couples have used our program to up-level their already great relationship.  Relationship maintenence is key! 

In addition, my client's and I have collaboratively established 93% success rate; which is amazing considering the divorce rate is still 54%. The biggest truth to all of this is that there is not one couple out there, that wouldn't benefit greatly from our program...because it underscores all the important foundational components needed for every couple's day to day life. I have spent many years and thousands of hours synethizing the research and I have figured out what works and what doesn't work for couples. The creation of this program has evolved from that experience and proper due diligence, so what I teach has been proven to work. All it takes is a couple that is willing to committ to each other, dig in deep, and really uncover the couple they were meant to become in the first place. 

"Just like my husband and I" and the thousands of couples I have had the honor of working with over the years, these stategies, techniques, and mindset shifts need to be LEARNED. Our families, our society at large, even books... don't teach what this program teaches because it is not mainstream knowledge, unfortunately. Our goal is, of course, is to change that with the creation of this Master Communication & Intimacy E-Course Program, which will literally take your struggling, good, or even great relationship to a Thriving Status; which is what we want...we want all couples to Thrive Globally

Enroll in the ​Program Right Now

You will learn How To:

✔Increase emotional intimacy and deepen your connection with on point communication strategies and techniques.
✔Create an environment of appreciation, acknowledgment, and growth.
✔Take full accountability for what you both co-create and up-level your relationship’s integrity by doing so.
✔Repair from arguments successfully- no more sweeping under the rug or escalation – No More Right or Wrong!
​You will learn all about the Science of Love and Relationship and so much more…!

Dreading THOSE fights and misunderstandings?

What difference would it make in your life if you could absolutely acquire the knowledge of how to handle those "bumps in the road;" and instead transform them into huge opportunities to become closer and even more intimate with your partner?

What You'll Discover in this ​Program -  How To:


​Increase emotional intimacy and deepen your connection with on point communication strategies and techniques.


Create an environment of appreciation and acknowledgment – 65 years of research shows happy relationships are 5x more positively acknowledging.


Take full accountability for what you both co-create and up-level your relationships respect, passion, & overall connection!


Resolve your arguments successfully- no more sweeping under the rug. – No More Right or Wrong!


Set your partner up for success by asking for what you need, want, and desire and how to make a request for change without blame before you explode!


Prevent contempt & resentment through forgiveness and build a connection of unconditional positive regard vs. negative regard.  


Increase awareness about your emotional triggers and how to manage them successfully.


Request a time-out when needed & the differences between a secure, anxious, and insecure attachment; set new Expectations moving forward.


Prioritize your connection and intimacy, even during conflict, and create a sacred container for your relationship to Thrive!


​​​​​Be mindful of your own mirror projection and learn to invite yourself into honoring love for yourself and your partner –Insecurities addressed!


Lower your guard and team up instead. – 100 – 100 not 50 -50 instead of showing up defensively in your relationship. No more victim mindset! 


Learn to communicate with each other like masters and promote overall interpersonal and relational growth, intimacy, and sexual connection in your relationship. 


And So Much More!

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Meet your Master Trainer...

Dr. Eva Brown PhD.

As the founder of the Relationship Revolutionaries, I provide a wide range of services such as therapeutic services, luxury couples retreats, podcasts, as well as the creation of the most comprehensive Master Communication & Intimacy E-Course Program for couples to date. I lead a tribe of couples worldwide who believe in up-leveling their relationship and never settling for the average status quo. It' s a tribe where couples come to Thrive in their relationship, not just Survive!
The old school way of running relationships just doesn't work for the 21st century couple and relationship maintenance & prevention is the key to a long lasting, fully thriving, connected, and sexually active relationship. All my programs are back by 65 years of research and we have a 94% success rate over the past 10 years in private practice.  Our goal is to drop the 52% divorce rate globally & provide couples with the tools that they need to succeed in their relationship for a lifetime to come.

What Clients Are Saying...

"Dr. Eva is the reason why we were able to overcome some major communication problems and other relationship issues. What we loved the most about her is how she integrates her expertise, research, and experience into her program. Do not expect some overgeneralized relationship advice without focus. Rather, you should expect tailored-made solutions directly addressing and impacting the issues between you and your partner. She will work on every aspect that needs to be worked on and will make you understand the root of your problems in very simplistic form. Her style is very well-structured with clear objectives for the solution to your issues. She is extremely professional, smart, and very charismatic. Something about her inspires trust. Do not wait until is too late, as it almost was for us."

Anonymous Couple*

"Dr. Eva has been as committed to me and our marriage, as she has proven to us time and time again. She goes so far above and beyond what she's obligated/required to do, from her schedule flexibility to spending the time it takes to really work through issues, instead of watching the clock. She is incredibly accommodating and sacrifices her own time to ensure she provides a consistent, effective, and solution focused program. I have grown so much, have more clarity than ever before and cannot say enough great things about Dr. Eva. She is truly a rarity in this field and I will forever be grateful I found her." 

Anonymous Couple*

"My partner and I have been seeing Dr. Eva Brown for couples program on and off for about 2 months. I cannot imagine a better guide through what started as an impossible journey for us. Dr. Eva helped us to recognize and address "old wounds" that had kept us from achieving the level of intimacy we both craved. She has helped us understand and appreciate one another on a new and healthier level, and our commitment to one another is becoming stronger as a result. My individual experience has been a significant contributor to my personal growth. We highly recommend Dr. Eva Brown to any lesbian couple, or any couple for that matter, serious about making a positive change in their relationship... it sure has in our relationship. Thank you, Dr. Eva!"

Anonymous Couple*

"Good afternoon Dr Eva!  I just wanted to let you know we had a great / best session last night & made great progress in identifying our wrong behaviors. My hubby was really active & it was the 1st time I didn’t cry . Of course you were 100% right that we needed to get to the Defensiveness & Accountability module in the course program! We are now working on being 100/100  with less contempt from Me & less stonewalling from Him . & to hear that’s what leads to divorce the most ...clearly shows how much work we need to do. But, we are now heading in the right direction and I’m so grateful I met you & signed up for this course just in time!"

Anonymous Couple*

"I've sought counseling on and off over the years in my journey to better understand myself and my personal challenges. I came to Dr. Eva when my marriage was in crisis and have never been more committed to her program. In the past, I've been known to "therapist hop" because the relationships I had with my therapists never really "clicked" and I wasn't quite sure why. After working with Dr. Eva, it was clear to me that she was passionate about her career and seemed far more interested in & dedicated to honing her skills than a considerable amount of practitioners I've been to in the past. But the main difference was immediately sensing that she genuinely cares about her clients. You can't go wrong with any of Dr. Eva's programs."  

Anonymous Couple*

 "I never thought I would be writing a testimonial like this as I was skeptical from the beginning, but my wife encouraged me to do it with her. I just wasn't into it, but I promised my wife I would try it.  I remember sharing with my wife, that "this program might work!" Dr.Eva is solution focused, frank, and genuine all at the same time. She doesn't pull any punches with either of us as she always said she was on the side of the relationship, no matter how many times I tried to get her to believe that I was in the right. Haha! Actually, I learned that there is no such thing as "right or wrong" in our relationship and that we all have multiple perspectives that are valid. I'll remember that forever."

Anonymous Couple*

*Anonymous due to Patient/Doctor Confidentiality.

What Colleagues Are Saying...

"As a professional who works closely with Dr. Eva Brown, owner of Couples Seeking Solutions, I would highly recommend her therapeutic and consulting services. Eva is extremely passionate about her work and fully committed to making a positive difference in her clients lives. She is collaborative, energetic, compassionate, and innovative in her work with clients struggling with a variety of presenting problems. Her strengths-based therapeutic approach is highly effective!" 

​Dr. Kate Campbell, LMFT

"Dr. Eva is an amazing therapist who works with couples and individuals struggling with any/all relationship concerns. I have thought of Eva as not only a trusted colleague, but a mentor as well, as she is a skilled & knowledgeable therapist to learn from. I highly recommend her, and will always be confident when referring to her. You cant go wrong with Dr. Eva!"


Jamie Ratowski, LMFT

"Dr. Eva is a caring, passionate, genuine therapist who is skillful at helping couples and families find solutions to their troubles. As a long-time colleague and friend, I can say I recommend Eva to help those seeking relief from their distress." 

Illiana Luna, LMFT

What will you give to... 

  • Avoid misunderstandings, fights and emotional disconnection? 
  • Disagree with your spouse, yet argue constructively, respectfully, & maintain intimacy while doing so?
  • Know when to talk and how to make your partner feel heard, valued, & understood?
  • question
    Resolve any issue as a team, with 100% accountability - no more 50-50 blame game?
  • question
    Create a safe environment (without the emotional trigger landmines) for a growth mentality to thrive in your relationship?
  • question
    Discuss your needs, wants and desires without attacking, criticizing, blaming, continued frustration, or escalation?
  • question
    Love deeply and unconditionally, even during conflict or when you are triggered?

Ready to Get Started on Your Journey
to a Long Lasting Thriving Relationship?

Remember good communication promotes team work, emotional & sexual intimacy, 

trust & respect. The time is Now to kick things up a notch & thrive! 

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