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 COUPLES EXPERT: Dr. Eva Brown Ph.D.

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No relationship is perfect. Building, maintaining and sustaining a rewarding relationship can be intimidating, as long as you don’t possess the skills; the Skills needed to assist you in working through day-to-day life stresses that happen in every relationship.

But...What if you could have every tool and technique,
you’ll EVER need – right at your fingertips –
that will ensure your relationship Lasts a Lifetime?

I strongly believe that if couples are not growing together, they grow apart slowly, overtime. This has been my mantra as a couples therapist and because it's the Truth, with a capital T. Research shows that couples that grow together and work to maintain thier connection overtime are consistantly more happy.

So, what if I were to tell you that there are proven strategies and techniques, that are backed by 65 years of qualitative and quantitative research, that my private client's use to communicate, repair and maintain intimacy in their relationship, even during conflict with each other…

And what if I were to tell you that these foundation building strategies, techniques and mindset shifts that I have been teaching my private clients for over 11 years, would  increase intimacy, deepen connection and appreciation in your relationship…

…and that without these key foundational communication and emotional intimacy shifts you will most likely have a difficult time lowering defensiveness and successfully managing emotional triggers with your significant other, especially during those "ughh" moments of conflict or disagreement. 

Why Do I Say, Most Couples Will Likely Have Difficulty? 

Because I have spent close to 10,000 hours working with couples over the past 11 years and all of them (your normal every day couple with full families, full lives, professional/entrepreuneurial lifestyles, & usually 6 figure or more income earners) came in with the same top 3 complaints which are:

1. "We don't know how to communicate with each other. We just keep escalating the frustration OR we don't talk about things and then we just sweep them under the rug for later, but usually "there is no later. We just avoid the conflict or we escalate. There is no in between which makes us feel anxcious and or insecurely connected, which brings up other issues like trust and belief in one another, even though we really do love each other. I also don't feel heard and it just seems like we go round and round the same type of silly arguments. I just want to learn how to communicate effectively, so that life with each other is easier and has more flow. "

TIP: (Communication Mastery helps my couples immensely as they learn different ways to communicate that brings on more connection rather than more disconnection or frustration when things get heated).

2. "I just don't feel appreciated, valued, prioritized, and or acknowledged. I feel hopeless at times but then at other times, I feel really good and valued. I just want to feel valued and verbally acknowldged, more consistently. It just seems like it's pulling teeth to get them to make me thier number 1. Everything else takes priority because we have such busy lives. I am just tired of the rollercoaster and never really feeling appreciated or acknowledged for my efforts. This makes me feel frustrated and often times, alone and maybe even isolated. I want to truly work together as a team more."

TIP: (Research shows that happy couples are 5x more postively acknowledging and I equip my couples with daily, weekly, and monthly emotional intimacy rituals/habits that create a more secure container for thier relatinship to continue to grow in, especially when it comes to working as a team and feeling more appreciated. 

3. "We are having trouble with feeling emotionally connected.  Sometimes, that bleeds into how often as well as the quality of our sex life. My partner doesn't share thier feelings openly with me and they are just not that great with communicating thier needs, wants, or desires and if they do, it comes across like an attack, judgement, or critism and I'm just so tried of it. I want to open up emotionally but thier is a block. It just feels empty sometimes and I'm not sure where to go with it. Maybe I feel unsafe to be vulnerable or maybe I just don't know were to start when I share my emotions. I don't know....I'm just  frustrated."

TIP: (Most couples have some type of emotional intimacy or sexual block going on subconsciously in thier relationship. I assist my couples in mindset shifts so that they can break free from older subconscious programming and start feeling more expressed in this area of thier lives, as a couple. It makes a big difference in your relationship when you learn these sacred rituals of connection at the same time.  Sometimes, a "small" change in mindset makes a "big" difference in the flow of your everyday love.)

Relationship Maintenance Is Key:

My client's and I have collaboratively established a 93% success rate; which is amazing considering the divorce rate is still 54% in the U.S. The biggest truth to all of this is that there is not one couple out there, that wouldn't benefit greatly from my programs because they all underscores all the important foundation building components needed for every couple's day to day life. 

I have spent many years and thousands of hours synthesizing the research and I have figured out what works and what doesn't work for my private  clients and now, I am taking all of that knowledge worldwide. The creation of all of my online programs have evolved from that experience and proper due diligence, so what I teach has been proven to work. All it takes is a couple that is willing to commit to each other, dig in deep, and really explore the depths of their love. Just like my husband & I" and the thousands of couples I have had the honor of working with over the years, these strategies, techniques, and mindset shifts need to be LEARNED.

Our families, our society at large, even books... don't teach what my programs teach because it is not mainstream knowledge, unfortunately. Our goal, of course, is to change that with the creation of our newest program offerings, which will literally take your struggling, good, or even great relationship to a Renewed and or Restored passionate connection.

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Meet Your Relationship's New Best Friend!

I know the lives of my personal one - on - one clients very well and I understand that time is a commodity that busy couples just don't have the luxury of committing to, especially during the week.
Busy on the go couples know the importance of building a strong relationship foundation, but it just needs to be accessible to them when they can "make" time. So, for the past year, I have built out many programs so that ALL couples can have the opportunity to live even better, more fulfilling, flowing lives together. 
The old school way of running relationships just doesn't work for The New Age 21st century couple and relationship maintenance & prevention is the key to a long lasting, fully thriving, connected, and sexually active partnership.
All my programs are backed by 65 years of research. My goal is to drop the 52% divorce rate in the United States & globally to provide couples with the tools that they need to succeed in their relationship for a lifetime to come.
As the founder of the Relationship Revolutionaries Tribe, I provide a wide range of services such as therapeutic services, luxury couples retreats, podcasts, and numerous online services.
I also lead an amazing tribe of couples worldwide, who believe in up-leveling their relationship and never settling for the average status quo. It' s a tribe where couples come to Thrive in their relationship, not just survive! Make sure to check out our Tribe on Facebook "Relationship Revolutionaries - A Tribe Where Couples Thrive."

With Love,

      Dr. Eva Brown Ph.D.

Dr. Eva Brown's Revolutionary Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


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