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Thank you for visiting our site!  My name is Dr. Eva Brown LMFT., PhD. and I am the director of our Revolutionary Group Practice, which is a team of 7 experts who are all licensed, highly trained graduates, on a mission to support the mental health and overall well-being of our South Florida community. At our state of the art center, you will immediately feel at home upon arrival as our beautiful 2,000 square ft. loft style space boasts a peaceful expansive feel, aroma therapy, relaxing music, and beverages for all of our clients. Please take a look around our website to learn more about our offerings. 

Our Revolutionary Center in East Fort Lauderdale, Florida


We are a revolutionary

 boutique private practice on a mission to serve our South Florida community and abroad.

- Dr. Eva Brown PhD. 

Meet Our Revolutionary Group Private Practice Team

Dr. Eva Brown, LMFT.

Dr. Jennifer Paul, LMHC.

Dr. Andrea Cuva, LMFT.

Deborah Blum, LMFT.

Joy Berkheimer, LMFT.

Amanda Gurgel, LMHC.

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Please Meet Our Event Photographer & Team Member 

Graciela Valdez

Our event Photographer

We are honored to have Graciela Valdez, an award-winning, published and professionally certified portrait photographer, who specializes in personal and business branding on our team! She creates photographic art experiences that are healing, transformational and empowering. 

Her Pilot Light Portraits project, an artistic movement and photographic experience that honors survivor-ship through a storytelling portrait is truly inspiring. Many of our clients do therapeutic photographer with her after they achieve the personal well being they are looking for in their lives to mark the special occasion. She guides them through an introspective journey that highlights their power and potential through boudoir portraiture.

She was also named the 2018 Small Business Person of the Year for the Greater Ft. Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce. She also works with professionals to create a portrait that goes beyond the traditional head shot, showcasing the client as confident, authoritative and approachable all in a manner consistent with their branding.

Feel free to visit her site:

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