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1 Day Couples Retreat Workshop


✔️ MASTER COMMUNICATION in your relationship with on point communication strategies and techniques, so you can prevent the #1 divorce predictor of contempt from ever entering your relationship & increase emotional & sexual intimacy in the process.

✔️ Repair from arguments successfully, so you no longer sweep it under the rug – no more blame game or right or wrong!

✔️ Make your partner feel HEARD, validated, and emotionally understood so you can continue to deepen your connection and bond overtime.

✔️ Set your partner up for SUCCESS by asking for what you need, want, and desire so you can reduce conflict upfront, set & negotiate clear expectations…before you lose it! 

Learn all about 65 years of research done on relationship maintenance and the SCIENCE behind what it takes to make love last a lifetime, so you can immediately integrate it into your relationship mindset.

✔️ Create an environment of APPRECIATION and acknowledgment with intention and purpose, so you can deepen the emotional and sexual connection in your relationship for good.

✔️ Increase AWARENESS about your EMOTIONAL TRIGGERS and how to manage them so you don’t have any emotional trigger minefields.

✔️ Take full accountability for what you both co-create and up-level your relationship’s RESPECT so you can thrive together and live your relationship on purpose and with clear intention.

✔️ Get clear on your “emotional” goals for the future in a different way than you ever have before with your loved one!

 Increase TEAMWORK, build rituals of connection, and be 100/100 Together rather than just 50/50 so you can reduce competition, expectation, and frustration even when things can sometimes get overwhelming.

✔️PREVENT contempt, resentment, and learn to forgive so you can build an unshakable foundation of unconditional positive regard, even during conflict.

✔️ Learn about the reptilian brain, how to request a time out when needed, and the differences between a secure, anxious, and insecure attachment so you can set new relationship EXPECTATIONS.

✔️ Be mindful of your own mirror PROJECTION and learn to invite yourself into honoring love for yourself and your partner –Insecurities Addressed.

✔️Create your own RITUAL DATE NIGHTS & how to make your everyday relationship even more sacred and so much more.

and more!!!!

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Hello! It’s time to kick things up a notch in your relationship and do some good old fashioned preventative work. Couples usually wait 7 years too long before they ever actually “learn how to be successfully” in relationship with one another. Often, when couples come into see me it’s already 7 years too long of “less than par” communication, emotional intimacy, and sexuality. These are 3 important mountains for couples to learn how to travel together in order to make life 10 times easier than without preventative work.

So, what does this all mean to you and how can it benefit you? This is a great question and I often get asked this when couples come into see me for the first time.

Personally and professionally, after over 10 years of working with thousands of couples, I can say with 100 percent certainty that “all” couples need to learn how to navigate the in and outs of communication, family boundaries, emotional and sexual intimacy, and beyond. Yes, some couples are better off than others in terms of them being happily married, but imagine what it would be like if you both actually became “masters in communication?”

So you can become masters in all areas of relationship; strategies, technique, and mindset shifts that will save you years of bumping heads. I also believe that a couple either intentionally decides to grow together or not, but it will for certain change and shape your future together in one way or another. So don’t wait to truly “thrive in your relationship” as this 1 day couples retreat workshop will bring you to a whole new level of understanding and commitment; with a renewed sense of love between both of you. Please dress comfortably as couples will be doing experiential exercises throughout the day, as part of our didactic learning program. It will be fun, as I like to keep it real!

This ticket counts for two adults: 1 couple, which is amazing value as I charge $275/300 an hour for my private 1 to 1 services. This event also includes my favorite, a Pizza and or Salad Lunch!

I can’t wait to see you there!

Dr. Eva Brown

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