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“1 on 1 Couples Coaching, LIVE Couples Group Immersion, Master E-Course” Option 3

$15,000.00 $10,000.00

NOTE: More intensive packages are available upon request if you’re healing from something that is deeply painful and you are looking to do 6 months of deep relationship coaching. After you purchase this program, just simply email me and request an additional 3 months of 1 on 1 coaching. I will make sure you get your needs met. See you on the other side! 

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You Get 1 on 1 Coaching with Dr. Eva Brown:

You will work with me 1 on 1 for deeper relationship coaching, every other Monday or Friday, depending on scheduling. (Eight Included 1 hour and 15 minute = private 1 on 1 sessions) 

This 1 on 1 coaching will not be in the same week as the LIVE Group event so you have time to recover and integrate between LIVE Group teachings and the 1 on 1 relationship coaching

Our 1 on 1 coaching:

In the very first session, I will do an in depth look at the overall relationship dynamic, emotional patterns, as well as family of origin history mapping to bring awareness to the entire relationship dynamic. 

After our first discovery session, we will then map out your relationship goals and I will custom tailor a program that is based on your specific relationship needs, wants, and desires. 

Our 1 on 1 coaching is an opportunity for you to get a professional look at your relationship and assist in creating a new container for your relationship to thrive in over the course of your relationship. I will reach out to schedule our private online coaching calls, so please leave the best contact number when you register for this program. 

You get immediate access to the “Do It Yourself” Master E-Course Program Option 1:

3 Role Play Videos for a Step by Step Guide for how to Repair after an Argument 

The complete research based 26 Module Master Communication and Intimacy Online E-Course Program so you can learn exactly how to communicate like masters, dial in emotional intimacy, reorganize the relationship paradigm you currently subscribe to, and learn sacred sexuality rituals to “keep the fun at home!”

You will also be gifted Dr. Eva’s Relationship Revolutionaries Communication & Intimacy Prevention Guidebook as well as her How to Repair After an Argument Checklist as soon as you sign up.

Access to our Private Facebook Community where you will be the first to get Dr. Eva’s newest blogs, recorded & live videos, podcasts as well as join a community of like minded “heart centered” couples who have decided and are dedicated to creating a sacred relationship throughout their lifetime commitment to love. 

Deep discounts on all of our LIVE couples retreats & workshops held in Sunny South Florida at Dr. Eva’s beautiful private practice and state of the art retreat center (over 2,000 square feet). 

NOTE: Every week,  it is recommended that you and your partner will finish 1 module of our Master Program  (which will take 30 min. to up to 3 hour of time invested in your relationship). You will be able to take this e-course on your own time, whenever you choose, but make sure you stay on target and committed to the teachings over the course of the 90 days.


You get access to our MASTER level “LIVE Couples Group Immersion” Program Option 2:

Access to our online class Webinar Classroom for Live Lecture and Q & A Support every other Thursday at 7:30 pm EST. Total of 8 Deep Live Group Learning Events. You will receive an email with our start date. 

In these LIVE events, I will go deeper into the philosophy, science, and sacred teachings that I use with my one on one clients at my private practice so you will have all the tools you need to maintain and thrive in your relationship, long term. You will be notified for each Live class workshop by email, so you are set. 

In these LIVE trainings (1 to 2 hours), I will also lead experiential exercises that you will do while the LIVE event is happening which you get to do with partner in real time. Couples have said my online live events have a retreat like feel because I like to make learning experiential.

Replays will always be available for those that can not make the LIVE event but it is highly recommended that you do so. 

I also lead a Couples Meditation mantra for couples to end in each LIVE event, which will help you get in your body and out of your head, so you can absorb the teachings fully. This will help to turn on the para-sympathetic nervous system, which means your body will be deeply relaxed.

Receive weekly Experiential Excercises & Rituals so you can deepen and heighten your connection with each other throughout our 90 Day relationship bootcamp.

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