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Dr. Eva’s Therapy Programs


While you are looking for a therapist that fits for you, take a quick peek at the packages I offer. Upon your request, I will share with you the different options available so that your therapeutic services fit your budget accordingly. Please call anytime!


Individual and Couples Therapy: This suits individuals or couples who are wanting to come to therapy for moderate to severe discomfort. Typically, individuals or couples attending therapy once a week benefit from an hour and 15 minute session. Dr. Eva will work closely with you to ensure you find the solutions that make a difference in your life. 

Private Couples Retreat Intensives: This program suits couples that are experiencing moderate to severe relationship issues. Typically, couples attending intensives will come to therapy for 3 or more hours a week. In some cases, especially for couples visiting from out of town, they may attend 6 to 10 hours over a weekend. The amount of time scheduled for couples intensives is done through a one on one collaborative conversation, ensuring the best fit your unique needs. Please call Dr. Eva to discuss options!


Couples Master Communication & Intimacy E - Course Program & Membership:  Couples often attend couples booster sessions bi-weekly or monthly, with the focus of making their relationship more successful. Couples who are looking to improve their relationship and up-level their relationship's communication, emotional, and sexual intimacy than our couples boot camp program is perfect for you. Typically, an hour and 15 minute session every other week is beneficial to most couples particpating in this program. This is paired with our 3 month online Master Communication & Intimacy E-Course Program, which also includes our membership program.  


Annual Couples Retreats:  This year Dr. Eva Brown will be hosting the 2019 Valentine’s Couples retreat at the Hilton Beach Resort and Spa. You have to check out her lineup for the retreat! For more information, click to learn more: Valentine’s Couples Retreat.


Payments Accepted: Cash, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover are all accepted for payment. Please feel free to check out my Testimonials or contact me below. 

couples, therapy, retreats
couples, therapy, retreats
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