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About Dr. Eva’s Podcast

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My name is Dr. Eva Brown, licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in south Florida, specializing in couples and intimacy issues. TABOO Talk Time is a subsidiary company of my private practice, Couples Seeking Solutions LLC and my retreat company, Relationship Revolutionaries Tribe LLC! Taboo Talk Time is all about breaking through societal norms, increasing mental health awareness, and unhinging the taboos in our society that are no longer serving the greater community!

You can listen and subscribe now by clicking on the following: Google Play:  and iTunes: or you can visit our Podcast Page on this site. 

I have been in private practice for close to a decade now and have been fortunate enough to work with many individuals and couples who wanted to make a difference in their relationships. Over the years I have noticed a pattern with both the individuals and couples I have worked with and many of those patterns surround societal  norms and or things that are “still taboo,” meaning no one is talking about these topics in a meaningful or enlightening platform.


For example, there is not a session that goes by without talking about Money, Sex, Emotional Vulnerability, Not Feeling Good Enough, Perfectionism and the list goes on. And I think this needs to change!  So…I decided to start a Podcast Show just for you! I’m excited to offer FREE PODCASTS that feature talented mental and medical health experts from around the world, in the preventative medical and mental health fields for all of you to learn, grow, and expand your awareness both personally and in your relationships. So, next time your out for a walk, taking a run, or just have some good ol’ free time go ahead and click on one of our free podcasts and enjoy!

My mission with TABOO Talk Time is to inspire relationship growth and change for individuals and couples on a larger scale, outside of my office! Relationship maintenance and growth is essential for relational or marital success. In your relationship, you have to decide if you want to grow together or grow apart, as life especially in today’s day and era is fast paced, often stressful, and many are overworked which can easily lead to disconnection and lack of intimacy. Growing together and learning together is paramount in healthy high functioning relationships. If you don’t keep your mind and your relationship healthy, just like when you eat healthy or go to the gym for example, eventually little things will start to fall through the cracks.


Tip: A good start to relationship maintenance would be to listen to the free podcasts I host with your

partner, if possible, as it will help stimulate new conversation in your relationship and maybe bring

things to light that you wouldn’t have thought to discuss otherwise!

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