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About Sacred Partners


One evening my husband Paul and I were hanging out in the pool for a late night swim and we started brainstorming up a new podcast idea...and it all began with the exchange of ideas outlined below. 

First, I believe that anyone can become a couple, but not everyone becomes Sacred Partners. Not without some true intentional effort, growth, and conscious expansion, of course. I knew I wanted the word “Sacred” in the name because that’s what we do. We help couples create a sacred, tuned in and fully turned on partnership that’s thriving on all levels: emotionally, sexually, spiritually & consciously. 

We also knew that we wanted our podcast project to fit for ALL couples, including the LGBTQ community. We wanted all couples that were in a committed relationship to feel welcomed, comfortable and represented by our brand & our podcast. Hence, the word Partners, which we believe is an all inclusive word; rather than boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, marriage etc etc. 

We also got to thinking that not just anyone can be a Life Partner. Partnership requires team work, a deeply heart centered, unconditional & intentional bond. A bond that is grounded in a culture of growth, which helps to maintain a successful relationship year after year. We knew we had found the name when we spontaneously started dancing in the pool together, saying out loud...that’s it! That’s it!

It was a epic celebratory moment of awesomeness for us! 

We are still celebrating today and that’s when you know you’ve found alignment with your brand. This ended up becoming an entirely new re-brand for our company & this one is going to last a life time. Just like a fine wine, I’m sure the brand will just get better and better with age, as we add our new "Sacred Partners Healing & Growth Community Membership" to our lineup of services, which is a project I am extremely excited to share with couples from around the world that are looking to grow into sacred partnership & just need the solutions for how to get there.

I have always wanted to build something that would help couples feel supported throughout the life of their relationship, so they can continue to grow, have fun, connect in new & sexy ways and be a part of a community of conscious couples who want more than the average surviving relationship. So if your feeling aligned with our podcast mission and you'd like to join in the fun, check out Sacred Partners podcast on Itunes, Spotify or GooglePlay today! 


If you'd like to submit a question for the show, you can email us or drop a voice recorded question into "WhatsApp" at this number 754-245-1424 and we will add your question to the show. On your smart phone, you most likely have a voice recording app, so all you would do is voice record your question and drop it into WhatsApp for us. It can be anonymous or you can state your first name in the audio recording you send.

We actually very much appreciate you sending a question over as we usually have 1 or 2 questions for each show, so we always need more questions to add to the show. We do a special segment on the show where couples send in questions and we answer them on the spot, which keeps it fun and exciting for Paul and I. We love to mix things up on the show for our listeners! Check out the rest of our services for individuals and couples &  feel free to call for a free 10 minute consult, so you can make sure Sacred Partners is the best fit for your needs.

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